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Zuid-Holland Gezondste Provincie

Zuid-Holland aims to be healthiest Dutch province

How can we become the Netherlands’ healthiest province by 2040? What steps are required to reach that goal? The Province of Zuid-Holland approached Posad and TNO with these ambitious, provocative questions.

Study on trends and developments

To answer the question properly, we will begin by conducting a study with experts to determine emerging trends and developments affecting the health of people in Zuid-Holland. We will then examine the spatial implications.

Zuid-Holland Gezondste Provincie

Future scenarios and step-by-step plans

Finally, we’ll outline a range of future scenarios and propose a step-by-step plan for each. We’ll also look at points of intersection with provincial policy. We will enlist multiple parties from the province to help us develop certain cases.

The design research phase has begun and will conclude in mid-2018.