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Smart Mobility Posad

Study on the spacial effects of smart mobility

Accessibility, quality of life, and safety are under threat in the Netherlands. Smart mobility can help in the search for solutions. But how will the built environment change if innovative IT is used to address transport issues? To answer this question, Posad and the mobility consultants Goudappel Coffeng are conducting a study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Smart Mobility Posad

High-tech mobility solutions

This assignment centres on technological advances and their spatial impact. Questions we’re investigating include how much space mobility technologies take up. Where can existing infrastructure be improved? Where is there a need for a new infrastructural spatial design? And how would that affect the people who live there?

General and specific lessons

Ultimately, the government wants to use smart mobility to minimise the negative effects of increasing use of transport. We will study both the Amsterdam metropolitan region and the Apeldoorn/Deventer/Zutphen urban triangle with the aim of learning lessons both general and specific.