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Schalejump Almere

Our tradition of a manufacturable country resulted in 1968 in the construction of Southern Flevoland. On this barren mudflats pioneers laid the first foundations and this became the basis for Almere – the youngest city in the Netherlands. In 1976 the first resident received a key to his house in Almere. More houses were built, the first services were available; schools, shops, care. The connection between the new and the old country was laid in the form of the A6-motorway; first to the center and later extended to Lelystad. These connections and the associated economic growth made more urban development possible; large shopping malls, more amenities and a railway-connection. Along the railway several stations were built, all of which formed an impulse for new suburban development: construction areas as Almere Buiten, Filmwijk and Muziekwijk. Urban development within a distinctive and unique green structure; the green casco of Almere.

The city of Almere continues to grow and in the early 90s allready had more than 100,000 inhabitants. With this size, there is reason – as previously planned – to give Almere a real center: the city-heart.
But a city is never finished; with an ever increasing demand for housing National landscapes around Amsterdam, Utrecht and the Gooi should be built up. By building 60,000 homes in Almere instead of these areas the (green) qualities of the Northern Randstad can be retained.