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The Healthy City Island

Recently Posad delivered the ‘Map of the Healthy City Island’ commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht. The map gives an overview of promising new initiatives on the Utrecht City Island. The neighborhoods on the city island are not all typically well known. Nevertheless,  on the City Island many beautiful, healthy development are taking place. Developments that match the ambitions of Utrecht to be the healthiest city in the Netherlands. Developments that can inspire others. Residents join forces and enthusiasm for a better neighborhood. Entrepreneurs create a new way of working in and for their surroundings. Housing corporations make their homes more sustainable. This serves the environment, the health of residents and their wallets. The municipality is working on more pleasant public space, with beautiful greenery in the neighborhood, a city beach, the ‘City Island Loop’ and on new, fast and comfortable cycling and public transport links to the surrounding city and region. The coming period, the projects on the Heathy City Island will be elaborated further.