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Posad Beach City

Posad, Shift and LOLA to design Beach City

Posad Spatial Strategies, Shift Architecture Urbanism and LOLA Landscape Architects have won the tender to design Beach City. This new facility is set to be Europe’s premier sporting beach. The current sports and surfing beach at the Noordelijke Havenhoofd in the seaside town of Scheveningen is being developed into Beach City. The new fully fledged sporting beach will cover approximately 8 hectares.

Posad Beach City

Healthy urbanisation

Beach City will comprise a concrete contribution to the project of building a healthier city with healthier citizens. The southern end of the boulevard will gain a 1,800m² beach-sports facility with permanent stands; in summer, it will transform into a fully fledged waterside stadium for approximately 2,000 spectators. Also planned are a “muscle beach” dune, a bouldering field, CrossFit routes, basketball courts and skating facilities. A programme of requirements will be drawn up in detail on the basis of the city of The Hague’s development plan.

Design vision

Seeing and being seen will play an important role in the design of Beach City. In developing new walking paths, running routes and tracks, we will therefore pay special attention to how visitor flows interact, while taking care not to interfere with logistics around the stadium. We will introduce a publicly accessible dune that will afford panoramic views of the harbour, beach and ocean. Finally, the sporting beach will constitute a visual and spatial extension of the successful boulevard designed by Manuel de Solà-Morales. Witteveen+Bos will provide supplementary technical expertise for the project’s coastal engineering aspects.


Beach City will be an attractive destination for a diverse group of athletes, spectators and walkers. It will bring together sport, fitness, recreation and entertainment. We will work with all levels of government and the various local stakeholders to further develop the plan in the coming months. A draft design will be delivered in January 2018, and a preliminary design will follow a few months later.