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Generation Energy Posad

Posad starts new company Generation.Energy

We’re proud to launch our new company, Generation.Energy. Generation.Energy will focus on helping to bring about the energy transition. It will identify sustainable ways of producing and saving electricity, search for partnership opportunities, and find suitable locations for energy generation, storage, transport and savings.

Generation Energy Posad


Big ambitions

The Dutch government’s energy agreement calls for 16% of the country’s electricity to be generated sustainably by 2023. Our ambition is bigger than that: we want to accelerate the energy transition! So we’re going to figure out what needs to be done to make that happen. Will we put a wind turbine in every back garden? Solar panels on every roof? A big wind park off the coast? Or all of the above?

Smart solutions

This requires us to design and build energy landscapes in an integrated way.  A new profession is gradually coming into being – one that calls for an interweaving of urban planning knowhow, landscape architecture skill, and a thorough understanding of energy technology and networks.

A Posad spin-off

Generation.Energy is a spin-off of Posad. Over the past several years, Posad has comprehensively studied the relationship between energy and space. This complex and fascinating challenge merits a devoted company of its own.

Completed projects

Generation.Energy has already made great strides within a brief period. We are developing new tools to identify opportunities for sustainable electricity generation for various clients. Completed projects include the book Energy and Space: A Dutch Perspective, the Amsterdam metropolitan region’s energy plan, and regional energy strategies for Midden-Holland, the city of Leiden and the Eindhoven metropolitan area.