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Gebiedsvisie TU Delft Posad

Posad develops planning strategy to transform the heart of TU Delft

Posad Spatial Strategies has won a limited tendering process for a comprehensive planning strategy for the TU Midden project at Delft University of Technology. Taking the form of a new “story of the campus”, the strategy will provide inspiration and direction for the current and future development of the central section of the university campus.

Gebiedsvisie TU Delft Posad
Photo: Marcel Krijger

Changes on campus

A leading international research institution, TU Delft is growing rapidly, with a projected 25,000 students by 2025. To ensure it remains at the top of its field, the university is investing substantially in its campus. Planned changes include new educational and research buildings, facilities, housing, landscaping, and attractive public areas. There are also plans to redevelop obsolete parts of the university’s real estate portfolio. Finally, its approximately 3,000 scattered ground-level parking spaces will be replaced by central car parks along the ring of the campus. All these changes will strikingly alter the character of the campus.

Inspiring and up-to-date

The TU Midden area constitutes the heart of the campus. It contains the auditorium, the main library, four faculty buildings, student accommodation, and sports facilities. To prevent the strategy from acting as a rigid master plan, we will visualise its main spatial principles through the “story of the campus”. The challenge will be to keep this inspiring and up-to-date once redevelopment is under way.

Gebiedsvisie TU Delft Posad

A strategy built on storylines

Several storylines will help to concretise the planning strategy, ultimately creating an assessment framework for future decisions. They will also serve to connect the needs of campus users, the aims of the university’s board of governors, and spatial factors. The storylines will answer questions such as the following:

  • How can we incorporate shared use to make the campus a pleasant place to linger and meet?
  • How can we make the campus a small city that’s attractive for residents so the area will stay lively at weekends and outside the study year?
  • How can we ensure that the concept has the flexibility to allow for spatial and programmatic adjustments?
  • How can we make sure campus users encounter each other in TU Midden?
  • How can we enhance cross-fertilisation between faculties, research institutes and businesses within TU Delft without them compromising their individuality?

Photo: J. van Dijk


The “story of the campus” will build on TU Delft’s real estate strategy and Living Campus concept. The definitive version of the planning strategy of TU Midden will be finished in spring 2018.