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Duurzaamheidsproject Hermitage Amsterdam en Hortus Botanicus in werking

On Thursday October 27th the pioneering sustainability project “Between Art & Greenhouse” of the Hermitage Amsterdam and the Hortus Botanicus will be officially put into operation. After a year of preparation and execution, in which a 425 meter long tube was drilled under a subway tunnel, the two institutions will share their excess heat and cold, yielding high energy-saving results. The accumulated heat in the thermal storage of the Hermitage goes to the Hortus for heating its greenhouses. The Hortus supplies cold water to the Hermitage museum for a better climate.

For this project Posad designed a new pump-house the at the Hortus. With the new design, the monumental palm greenhouse becomes a freestanding building in the garden again.

Also the growhouse that Posad designed in 2013 will also be connected to this project. The project will generate energy savings equivalent to the use of heat and electricity of about 60 families, and thereby contribute to the climate objectives of the municipality of Amsterdam. The building to the Hortus will also give visitors insight on how the new system functions and performs and essential function for the botanical garden in a sustainable way.