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Area design explorations for ‘The Hague 2040’ published

The Hague is on the move. The economy is changing, while with more than 5,000 new residents per year the city is growing faster than predicted. We see rapid technological changes around while necessity to achieve sustainability goals is increasing. These are all transitions that drive new initiatives and dynamics within the city.
They ask for a reaction: a new point on the horizon, but also a grip to address short term problems. The Agenda “Space for the City” is a means for The Hague to direct these dynamic and to explore together how we want to spatially shape our city.

In the process we are working on new ways to develop the city. Eight design teams recently performed design explorations with local coalitions from the boroughs. This exploration provides insights in the possible results of the agenda for the various parts of the city of The Hague.

The municipality asked Posad Spatial Strategies to guide the design teams and structure the results into conclusions for the further development of the Agenda. With these building blocks, the municipality can continue and expand work on the Agenda Space for the City. The result of study are rich and provide many insights from district level to the scale of the street.

See the website ‘Space for the City’ for the result of the collective design explorations of the and the project description about the role of Posad.