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Emile Revier and Boris Hocks attend EDIT

Posad partners Emile Revier and Boris Hocks attended the EDIT design festival in Toronto, Canada. EDIT functions as a showcase for ideas and solutions for improving the world and combating current and future problems facing humanity. EDIT aims to inspire, inform and connect people through exhibitions, installations, talks and debates.

Private investment and crowdfunding in public space

Emile discussed the opportunities and threats posed by private investment and the use of crowdfunding in public space in a debate held on Saturday 30 September in the Dutch pavilion. The conversation specifically pertained to the Bentway, a new park beneath a raised motorway in Toronto.

The energy transition and its spatial effects

Boris discussed the challenges of the energy transition and its eventual spatial effects in a talk on Sunday 1 October. He explained how the national outlook for the Netherlands relates to the situation in Canada.

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